Friday, July 14, 2006

Album Upload

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Pharrell - In My Mind

01. Can I Have It Like That (Feat. 3:55 Gwen Stefani)
02. How Does It Feel? 3:35
03. Raspy Shit 3:35
04. Best Friend 4:40
05. You Can Do It Too 5:22
06. Keep It Playa (Feat. Slim 4:18 Thug)
07. That Girl (Feat. Snoop Dogg) 4:01
08. Angel 2:44
09. Young Girl (Feat. Jay-Z)/I 8:14 Really Like You
10. Take It Off 4:07
11. Stay With Me (Dim The Lights) 4:06 (Feat. Pusha T)
12. Baby (Feat. Nelly) 4:06
13. Our Father 3:27
14. Number One (Feat. Kanye West) 3:56
15. Skateboard P Presents Show You How To Hustle (Feat. Lauren) 4:14

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Download Beyonce's Deja Vu Video

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Deja Vu.wmv

Wow this is great, to think I didnt like this song when I first heard it I cant get enough of it now.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Shelby Norman Mp3s

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1 This Love Is Real.mp3
2 I Will.mp3
3 Inside Out.mp3
4 U Hated Me Ft Timbaland.mp3

A couple of post back I up'd 'I Cant Belive/I Will' by Shelby Norman, well the 'I Cant Belive' track is called 'This Love Is Real' and its a high quality version. I had to find a HQ version coz I think this song is great and wanted to hear it in it's full glory :)

Does anybody know what's goin on with Shelby? I know she was signed to Beat Club and heard she got dropped, I wonder if she has anything else in the pipeline ohhhh that sounds rude hahaha. Anyway I think all these tracks are produced by Timbaland so why not have a listen if ya haven't heard them already, I think ya might like:)

For All You Venus Hummer's:)

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Check out there latest short

In this short Kip Kubin shows us his collection of Floatie Pens. A collection he builds with the help of Venus Hum's touring schedule. He also reveals an acute misunderstanding of all pens from Madison WI and the state of Virginia.

Wow thats alot of pens lol its kinda reminds me of Pauline from 'The League Of Gentlemen' coz she loves her pens haha

I lurrrrve Venus Hum and I should have the album In a few days:) For all that haven't read my other Venus Hum posts the album is called 'The Colors In The Wheel' and it arrives July 25th this year. Why not go pre order your copy from and receive your very own crayons and a coloring book , thats what I would do if I wasn't gettin a free copy hahaha sorry I don't mean to brag I just cant wait to hear it.

Album Upload

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Khia - Gangstress

01 Answering Machine
02 Respect Me
03 Thugmisses Speaks Pt 1
04 Bitch Muthafucka Got Damn
05 Grandma
06 Ah Ha
07 I've Been High
08 Thugmisses Speaks Pt 2
09 I've Been Called A Bitch
10 Pop's
11 ThugMisses ThugNiggaz
12 Sunshine
13 Fucking Me Tonight
14 Questions For The Niggaz
15 Snatch The Cat Back
16 Insufficient Funds
17 Bryan Brooks
18 Hit The Door (feat. JA)
19 Thugmisses Speaks pt. 3
20 Don't Trust
21 Thugmisses Speaks pt. 4
22 For The Love Of Money
23 Forgive Me For My Sins


Great Album :)

Requested Mp3s

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Tynisha Keli

01 I Wish You Loved Me.mp3

02 Like Everybody Else.mp3

03 Mistaken

4 Shay:) Thanx for bringing her to my attention I like her voice and think she has some good tracks

Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Few New Mp3s

Shelby Norman - I Cant Belive/I Will (Timbo Produced).mp3

These are two great tracks, I recorded them from Bluri Radio. The quality aint that great but still worth the listen, I'll re upload when I come across a better recorded track.

Jazzy (Not Black Buddafly) - Makeup.mp3

Another great track, this girl shows alot of promise

Peaches - Give 'er.mp3

One of my fave tracks from 'Impeach My Bush'

Beyonce's BET performance

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Ok I know this old news to alot of people but I thought I would post it here for those who haven't seen this performance, and what a performance it was.
I love how she goes crazy on stage, someone pop her some ritalin haha

Beyonce BET performance.wmv

Requested Album Upload

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Yung Joc - New Joc City

01 New Joc City
02 It's Goin Down
03 He Stayed In
04 Do Ya Bad
05 Dont Play With It
06 Excuse Me
07 Dope Boy Magic
08 Patron
09 Flip Flop
10 Im Him
11 Hear Me Coming
12 I Know U See It
13 Yung Nigga
14 1st Time
15 Knock It Out
16 Picture Perfect


Sorry it took me a while, my connection has be droppin like every 2 minutes:(
Btw Im workin on the Teedra Moses link now

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Album Upload

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Peaches - Impeach My Bush

01 Fuck Or Kill
02 Tent In Your Pants
03 Hit It Hard
04 Boys Wanna Be Her
05 Downtown
06 Two Guys
07 Rock The Shocker
08 You Love It
09 Slippery Dick
10 Give 'er
11 Get It
12 Do Ya
13 Stick It To The Pimp


Ok It took me a while to decide if I was gonna upload this album, I was a bit iffy coz it hasn't been released yet but then I thought Peaches wouldn't mind lol.
If your a fan of Peaches your gonna love this album, if your not a fan of Peaches you might be after hearing this. It comes out July 10th here in the UK and July 11th in the USA so remember to go grab your copy if ya like it.

Mixtape Upload

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Bella - Boss Baby 1st Edition

01 Intro
02 Never Be Me
03 Caught Up In The Club Interlude
04 Bump N Grind 2006
05 Caught Up
06 If I Was Your Girlfriend
07 Erotic
08 Bella Booty
09 Help A Ho Foundation Skit
10 Loose Control
11 Good behavior
12 Whatchu Know
13 Maintenance Man
14 Come Ova (Snippet)
15 Gurl Its Gonna Be Ok Interlude
16 Its Ok
17 All My Lovers
18 Outro


At last I get my hands on this and it was worth the wait, every track is enjoyable and I've been listening to it non stop since I got it.
All you Bella fans are gonna love this:)

Mixtape Upload

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Teedra Moses - The Young Hustla Compilation

01 Intro
02 Wanna Be Your Girl Remix
03 You'll Never Find Remix
04 Dip It Low Remix
05 Dip It Low/Lean Back Remix
06 On Fire
07 Be Your Girl
08 Still In Love
09 Wassup ?!
10 Freestyle
11 Ghetto Girlz
12 Damm Daddy
13 What We Do For Paper
14 Realize
15 Summer Love
16 Still Got Love
17 Big Pimpin
18 Hardtimes
19 Ying Yang Twinz


This has gottsa be the most illusive mixtape eva, I mean me and my bro have been searching for this for 2 years haha nevermind, I'm glad I got it at this time because it can keep me happy until 'The Young Lioness' finally arrives.


A Few New Mp3's

01 Snoop Ft Pharrell - Vato.mp3

This track is from Snoop Dogg's upcoming solo album "Blue Carpet Treatment" which is almost complete, and the first single has been released to the radio stations. It's called "Vato", and was produced by The Neptunes.
02 Britney Spears - Rebellion.mp3

I've never been a big Britney Fan but this song does it for me, I think its looped half way through to make it full track but its still worth the listen.

03 Keri Hilson Ft Snoop - Happy Juice.mp3

Wow I love this, spliced vocals seem to be everywhere this year I aint complain coz I love it lol.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Requested Album Upload

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Mya - Moodring + UK Bonus Tracks

01 My Love Is Like...Wo
02 Fallen
03 Why Ya Gotta Look So Good?
04 Step
05 Sophisticated Lady
06 No Sleep Tonight
07 Anatomy 1On1
08 Hurry Up
09 Things Come And Go
10 You
11 After The Rain
12 Late
13 Whatever Bitch
14 Taste This
15 Take A Picture
16 Free Fallin
17 Moodring
18 Extacy
19 Real Compared To What


Here ya go PrinCeSs ya got good taste lol:)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

2 Great New Bella Tracks

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EroticPlatinum Brother.mp3

02 Girlfriend.mp3

From the 'Boss Baby Mixtape' I need to get my hands on a copy of that. Both of these tracks are great especially EroticPlatinum Brother, Girlfriend has a kind of Beyonce feel to it. If ya need a bit more Bella there's a few mp3s in the archives.